He Needed A Source Of Light For His Home, So He Invented A Clean Way To Use Solar Energy

The first thing that you will need is a clear plastic bottle. Take a clear plastic bottle and fill it with water.

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Start with bottle| dream home ideas:

If you are a father then you might understand the struggle of dealing with mood swings your kids have. 

Before I became a dad, I always heard that these mood swings go away after a while but I think it’s safe to say that no matter what age your kids are, they will always be babies to deal with. There were a lot of times when all my kids wanted same things and it was hard to deal with them. The school days were the best days for me. Kids were going to school and I could keep myself busy in the office. However, it was during vacations that my children would keep me on my toes.

Being a single father, it was hard for me to keep my kids busy. There are only so many cartoons and movies that kids can watch. At the end of the day, children crave for the physical activity to be done. They were bored staying inside the house sitting in front of T.V. all day long. I had to think of a lot of smart home ideas to keep my kids busy. Every day I would think of awesome home ideas to work on so that my kids can find fun in it. There are plenty of small cool home ideas that I had worked on with my kids. They were all diy home ideas for children. However, soon I realized that I should do something that would keep my children busy and will help them to learn something. This is when my search for custom home ideas took a turn. I started looking for creative home ideas that had learning involved in them. I would start diy home ideas in which my children could help me.

One day I was in my garage and while working the power went out. Being the lazy person I was, I decided against going to market to buy a bulb for the garage. Annoyed by the situation I was thinking how good life can be if there was a solar system installed in my house. This is when the awesome home ideas of making a solar light hit my mind. Excited about my custom home ideas, I went inside the house and called my children. I told them that I was about to work on one of the creative home ideas of all time and if they want to join me. My children got equally excited and this gave me immense pleasure. I took them all out with me and started collecting everything I will need for these cool home ideas. There was not much that I needed however the final results below my mind. My kids were so proud me and want me to do more projects like these. 

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