She Focused On The Details Of This $20 Dresser And Realized How Beautiful It Could Become

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Before starting any diy renovation home ideas project, the best thing to do is take a picture of what your dresser looks like. This is how the dresser looks like that is going to get transformation.

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Here is the first look | renovation home ideas:

Safe haven is the perfect word for your house which is why everyone 

 who owns a house loves to pay  extra attention to each and every small detail of their house. Everyone also loves to bring some changes in the overall appearance of the house. This is one of the common things that almost every homeowner does. Thinking about changing anything in your house might be a stressful thing for you because of all the money that you might have to spend. Yes, most of the times changing something in your house means spending money. However, here I am about to let you in on a secret. Diy home ideas are the key to transforming your house without spending a lot of money. Especially if you have some spare time you might be able pull off a successful diy home ideas project.

Look around your house; you might have something that you can change to something amazing. The easiest thing to start with is transforming your old dresser to new one using creative home ideas. Yes, we all have that one dresser in our house that is screaming for a makeover. People usually think that to work on the smart home ideas of changing the dresser will require hiring someone for help which means spending money. However, if you are smart enough to work on craft for home ideas, you won’t need to hire someone from any company. There are a lot of things you can do on your own and still manage to pull off a complete makeover for your old dresser. There are easy home decor ideas on pinterest that you can follow to decide what type of transformation your dresser needs. The procedure of transforming the old dresser into a new one might sound to be little bit time taking, however the final results of this dream home ideas are going to be completely worth your time and effort.

Things you will need for this diy home ideas project:

Following is the list of things that you need to complete this creative home ideas project:

  • Clean, dry lint-free rags
  • Fusion Mineral Paint in Champness
  • Minwax Stain in Weathered Oak
  • Homestead House Wax in Espresso
  • Minwax Polycrylic in matte finish
  • Cast iron hardware
  • Paint brush
  • Mouse sander
  • Coarse grit and medium grit sanding pads
  • Wax brush

These are some easy to find items that you can get from the nearest mart. Also, you won’t have to spend huge amount of money for this awesome home ideas project.

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