Her Home Always Smells Amazing & People Do Not Know Why. This Is The Secret!

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The very first air freshener that I made using the cool DIY projects was very basic.

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Ingredients for the first cute DIYs for air freshener:

Who wants to live in a house that stinks? Well, I know that I don’t. I have always lived 

in a very pleasant house.
When I was a kid, my grandma used to be my role model. She was always extremely particular about how her house looked and smelled. She always made sure that everything was perfect and right where it is supposed to be. My grandma was the queen of cute DIYs. Yup, before the DIYs became cool, my grandma was already the queen of these cute DIYs projects and she loved to try something new all the time.

There are a lot of awesome DIY projects that my grandma did. However, there is one that I still remember like a fresh memory in my mind. I remember walking into her house and being welcome with such an amazing fragrance all the time. It would refresh my mind right away. It was not any air fresher that you can buy from your local mart. It was my one of my grandma’s creative DIY projects. She would make her own air freshener that would go with her mood and use it in her house to make everything amazing around her.

My grandma passed away and life went on. I got busy with my work and family. It was when my first son was born; my house started smelling like diapers and pops. This is when I thought of trying an air freshener for my house. I decided to go with my grandma’s route of doing cool DIY projects to make amazing air freshener for my house. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money buying air fresheners when I can start DIY cool projects and make my own air freshener. This will allow me to be creative and to also keep my grandma’s tradition alive.

I used three ingredients in it which are as follow:
½ Cup of the Downy Unstopables
3-4 tbsp of the Baking Soda
1 large cup of the Hot Water

Initially, I started with one cool and easy DIYs project for making the air freshener but then I had so much fun doing it that I ended making more than one. The best thing about this DIY air freshener was that they were cost-effective. These cool cheap DIY projects required only a few things that were very easy to find and were not expensive at all. Being cost effective was the reason that I ended up making more than one. Following are some amazing DIY projects on how to make your amazing air freshener at home. 

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