She Took 20$ Old Dresser And How She Transformed It Took My Breath Away

After my father’s retirement, my parents decided it was time to bring 

some change in their life. Seeking for the big change, they made the decision that they should buy a new house. Previously they were living in a large house which was ideal for a family of 6. However, since we all moved out, it was hard for them to look after such big house. They wanted something small and compact yet spacey. We knew that it will take them plenty of time to finally agree on a house that they both liked. While they were thinking about new home ideas, I started thinking about what I should get for them as their house warming gift.

Buying something for my parents is hands down one of the most difficult things to do. I for a fact know that my parents are not materialistic which is why I had to think of some awesome home ideas to work for them. I can buy something very expensive from the market and they will be happy. However, if I put my thoughts and sentiments into a gift they will love it even more than any expensive gift in the world. So, being a good daughter, I decided to get them something very meaningful. To give my parents something meaningful, I started thinking of different creative home ideas. Yes, I was sure that they only way I can get my parents something worth keeping are if I work on creative home ideas. I am all for arts & crafts, so it was natural that all I could think of was crafty home ideas. I wanted to give something while staying within a comfort zone, something that I am very good at. I did some brainstorming and made a list of things that someone after buying a house. The first thing on the list of homes ideas was the furniture.

One of the cool home ideas that hit my mind was making furniture for my parents. Now I know no matter how much crafty I might be, making furniture home décor from scratch is something that I cannot do. So, I decided why not take something old from their house and turn it into home decorators furniture for their house. I started looking for all the options that I had and ended up choosing the old dresser that they have had in their bedroom since our childhood. I know my mom and dad love that dresser but since it is way too old now, so it is sitting in their backyard, all unattended. I took that dresser and decided to turn it into best dresser furniture.


12. Let’s show how this furniture looked like

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Before we start working on this dresser for my parents, let me show you how it looked like before.

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Let me first show how this dressers bedroom furniture looked like: