She Uses Some Paper and Glass , And Creates Something That I REALLY Want For My House!

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I actually enjoyed bringing these awesome home ideas to life. My son was impressed, all I needed was some rope that I got from the craft store for this crafty home ideas project and some plates from the dollar store.

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If you’re anything like me, and from time to time you look at your dinner table and think to yourself how 

bland and uninviting it looks. Then buckle up! I have a little blurb on smart home ideas for you! I wanted to create something that looked rustic but modern.

I figured out a good way to accomplish it. All I used was some rope and some sort of metallic influence for this easy home design. So, I decided on using a large coaster. Like one for a vase of flowers. For the coaster, I bought a couple of dinner plates and some rope. I pulled out my glue gun and slowly and steadily started applying the glue and wrapping the rope around the inside of the plate (kind of like a giant swirl!) It came out fantastic!

Next, to give it a metallic effect, I got a vase and taped off a bit (because I wanted to be fancy), then spray painted the base with a beautiful silver metallic finish. This easy home design takes a little patience, just because I just hate waiting for anything, even for the paint to dry! You can use whatever paint color you like, I just wanted something to compliment the theme of my rustic rope coaster. With some painters tape and plain paper, you can even section off parts that you do or don’t want to paint, whatever floats your boat! When both my creations were properly dried, I rounded up some gorgeous flowers and placed them on my coaster. Another tip: You can buy wholesale home decor accessories and save even more money, just throwing that out there. Once it was finished, I think the queen could have sat at my table that day because my table looked extremely inviting and posh.

Another nice home idea could be a placemat. Let’s talk about your family tracking dirt into your home, don’t you hate that? I recommend getting yourself a mat that isn’t flat on the edges but more curved upward like a very, very shallow bowl. This will alleviate your grief a little trust me! You can then find rocks either at the craft store or when you go to the beach. Use them to fill that space with the rocks, it should look like is a rock pool with no water. We are definitely putting a spin on home decorating today! You can then put the rock mat at the door, so when everyone comes in from playing around outside, they can leave all that dirt on the rocks. The only thing you have to do is to periodically wash them just to maintain some order and keep it looking nice.

Another fun idea would be for the living room. All you need are some throw pillows. You can change up the look of the pillows by buying some fabric in any color or pattern that you like(remember to buy enough to cover the pillows you use). I chose a beautiful sea-foam blue color and ironed out the wrinkles from the fabric a bit, then I placed the pillow in the middle of the fabric and started folding the cloth over, sort of like you would when wrapping a gift. When you have the ends nice and folded over, just bring them together and create a knot and tuck in the excess. You’ll have complete reupholstered throw pillows! Easy right? Not too bad for a home idea. I hope you enjoy your crafts as much as I do and hope you share the experience with your friends.

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