Here Are The Most Creatively Genius Ways To Hide Ugly Stuff In Your House.


1. Home Goods Furniture: A Cat’s Bathroom in a Cabinet.

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Your cat’s bath place can get a little messy than usual sometimes.

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2. Home Improvement Additions: Pretty Vine Wire Clips

This customized home goods furniture is the answer to one of your prayers. Hiding the wires isn’t always the best answer. Sometimes, it’s much better to take them out for the world to see. Better yet, put some home improvement additions like these cute vine wire clips.

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3. Home Improvement Additions: Desk Curtain to Cover Messy Cords

Computer rooms are the place at home where one can find every corner full of messy cords. One of the easiest ways to hide messy cords under a desk is by the home improvement additions of plain curtains.

ID: 283

4. Modern Home Design Ideas: Bob Marley’s Hair

This idea is one of the most clever modern home design ideas. Instead of frustratingly hiding the messy cords, why not make them into a Bob Marley art?

ID: 284

5. Kitchen Storage Cabinets: Electronic Charging Station

Turn one of your kitchen storage cabinets into a hidden charging station. With this, no one will ever see your phone and its charger tangling around messily.

ID: 285

6. Home Improvement Additions: Washer And Dryer Tape Decoration

Tired of your plain-looking washer and dryer? Give a little touch of home improvement additions to it. With just a black plain tape, you can make different kinds of patterns on your appliances.

ID: 286

7. Home Makeover Ideas: Wallpaper On Your Fridge’s Door

Over time, your fridge can have plenty of scratches and cuts. Cover those ugly imperfections with just a roll of attractive wallpaper. This is one of the most brilliant home makeover ideas on this list.

ID: 287

8. Modern Home Design Ideas: Staircase Drawers

One of the most popular modern home design ideas today is staircase drawers. It’s perfect for households with limited space. It does a good job in hiding just about any kind of unwanted stuff.

ID: 288

9. Home Furniture Accessories: Routers In Pretty Boxes

Routers can be a pain in the neck. Hide them from your sight by putting them inside a pretty box or any other home furniture accessories that can make a pretty good storage space.

ID: 289

10. Home Furniture Accessories: Hiding With Paintings

There can be a lot of stuff around your house that can get pretty annoying on some days. You can easily get rid of them by covering them with home furniture accessories like paintings or frames.

ID: 290

11. Home Makeover Ideas: Picket Fence to Hide Wires and Cables

This is one of the most adorable home makeover ideas on this list. It does not only hide the wires and cables but also gives decorations around the house.

ID: 291

12. Home Furniture Accessories: A Painting Over A TV

Your TV doesn’t always have to be the centerpiece of your living room all the time. You can cover it with some kind of home furniture accessories like paintings or frames when it is not in use.

ID: 292

13. Home Bathroom Ideas: Stone Brick Bathtub Siding

With years of use, your bathtub may get dirty or damaged. One of the most useful home bathroom ideas for this problem is covering its sides with stone bricks.

ID: 293

14. Home Goods Furniture: Dog’s Feeding Plates in a Drawer

Dog’s feeding plates can look dirty and ugly around your house, and you may not like your visitors to see such a mess. Keep them hidden inside your home’s trusty furniture drawer.

ID: 294

15. Home Furniture Accessories: Hide Jewelry behind a Painting

Jewelry sure doesn’t count as an ugly stuff in the house, but it definitely has to be hidden. You can hide your pieces of jewelry behind a painting or any other home furniture accessories.

ID: 295

16. Home Improvement Additions: Environmental Switch Decal

Another home improvement addition that might tickle your fancy is this environmental switch decal. Instead of using word signage, just use icons like this one.

ID: 296

17. Home Furniture Accessories: Stray Wires Electrical Towers.

Another way of hiding wires in a decorative manner is by adding home furniture accessories. In this picture, wires are decorated with mini electrical towers.

ID: 297

18. Home Improvement Additions: Wall-Hanging Chalk Board to Hide an AC Unit

AC units can ruin the whole image of a room to some extent. To restore the beauty of your room, hang a chalkboard or other home improvement additions over your AC unit.

ID: 298

19. Outdoor Patio Ideas: Disguise Pipes with Fake Rocks

One of the most annoying stuff around your lawn to look at is pipes. One of the most effective outdoor patio ideas to hide them is by disguising them with fake rocks with holes on the inside.

ID: 299

20. Modern Home Design Ideas: Old Book’s Cover to Hide A Router

Another one of the modern home design ideas of hiding a router is by putting it inside an old book’s cover. It would look very neat indeed.

ID: 300

21. Modern Home Design Ideas: Under-The-Stairs Storage

This idea is similar to one of the previous modern home design ideas on this list. The only difference is that the storage in this one is hidden under the stairs while the other one is under the staircase.

ID: 301

22. Home Improvement Additions: Invisible Book Shelf

These home improvement additions are made with invisible bookshelves that make the stacks of books appear to be floating. With this, there will be no need for shelves.

ID: 302

23. Home Furniture Accessories: Mini-Blinds to Hide The Pipes

Pipes are undoubtedly very ugly to look at. Even when you only see them in the basement, they must still be away from the sight. Keep them forever hidden with home furniture accessories or home accessories like mini-blinds.

ID: 303

24. Home Improvement Additions: Laundry Hampers in Deep Drawers

Laundry hampers are “okay” to look at when they’re empty. But when a mountain of dirty clothes starts to pile up, they must be hidden. Add some home improvement additions of deep drawers and put your hampers inside.

ID: 304

25. Home Makeover Ideas: Café-Style Curtains to Hide AC Unit

Aside from chalkboards, café-style curtains can also do a good job in hiding your AC unit. This is one of the easiest and simplest home makeover ideas.

ID: 305

26. Home Makeover Ideas: Crown Molding Shelf for Paper Towels

Paper towels can look like a serious mess in the wash or bathroom. One of the best home makeover ideas to hide them is to put them inside a crown molding shelf.

ID: 306

27. Kitchen Storage Cabinets: Rolling Recycling Bin

Nobody wants to have a glimpse of trash bins while making food in the kitchen. Hide them in one of your kitchen storage cabinets. If possible, install a rolling mechanism for easier access.

ID: 307

28. Home Improvement Additions: Printed Light Switch

Plain, white light switch tends to look dirty over time. Cover the dirt with a printed paper and use Mod Podge to glue it. Do this as one of your home improvement additions.

ID: 308

29. Home Goods Furniture: Entry Bench with Drawers

Your dirty, used clothes can now be hidden under a bench with drawers. You bet no one can guess this home goods furniture would have a hidden storage.

ID: 309

30. Home Makeover Ideas: Wall Covered With World Maps and Pushpins

When your walls get dirty, you don’t need to spend much on painting them all over again. Just cover your walls with world maps. This is probably one of the most distinct home makeover ideas there are.

ID: 310

It sucks to think that you have to hide some parts in your house just because they’re ugly to look at. But there’s really 

 not much need for you to put every little ugly thing in your home out of everyone’s sight. You just have to conceal them with the help of the best home makeover ideas. With the right moves, you can do the trick without fail. Keeping your house clean and tidy can do wonders for the mood of everyone that lives inside. Nothing is worse than wading through a disorganized pile as you’re trying to get through your house. Luckily, these genius tips will help cut back on the clutter. Whether your hiding eyesores or just trying to keep your electronics organized, these awesome tips will help you out. 

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